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Industrial Observation and Benchmarking Trip to Germany

Germany is a leading country with its own philosophy and system across economy, education, culture and society, and it is always regarded as a benchmark for Korea. Through the DieWende programs which meet the objectives and expectations of benchmarking, we hope that you will have the opportunity to build networks and work closely with organizations and companies in Germany.

DieWende proposes a program that meets the requirement of an individual company and organization or its delegation.
DieWende proposes a program that meets the requirement of an individual company and organization or its delegation.
Industrie 4.0
Industrie 4.0 started in Germany.
What is the future society that Germany wants to predict or pursue through Industrie 4.0 and what is the reason for it?

This program is designed to learn from Germany, the origin of the Industrie 4.0, and prepare to apply it to Korea.

DieWende plans effective programs based on its strong network, expertise and industry information.
As of 2017, renewable energy accounted for 33.1% of total electricity supply in Germany. Germany is a global leader in the energy transition by replacing traditional fossil power plants & nuclear power plants to renewable sources.

The main content of Germany’s energy transition is aiming to supply 80% of the total power supply through renewable energy by 2050, by shifting energy supply from fossil and nuclear energy to renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydro.

Providing sustainable and reliable renewable energy is the biggest challenge for any society, and Germany, which is moving closest to this goal, is the best benchmarking country.
Education & Culture
To prepare for the unexpected future society change caused by Industrie 4.0 Revolution and the roles of people to be defined, the current education system has to be reorganized with a completely different direction. The paradigm shift in education is a reality we are already facing and it can no longer be delayed. As a leading country for Industrie 4.0 Revolution, the ways of Germany, which has long been considering the transition of educational paradigm to adapt to the future society, is the future that we must learn.

There are so many different things.
It is the task of all of us to create a new era within the future value of our society by understanding the differences made by dissimilarity and finding what can be maximized in similarity.
Environment & Social Challenges


The environmental problem and social issues of the aging society will be the most realistic challenges of the future society. The environment is a survival issue that could threaten the quality of life that is directly linked to human health, and we have already entered the aging society as the elderly population increases due to the low birth rates and development of medical science.
In this situation, we need to find alternatives to solve the problems that arise from a social integration perspective.
In the 1970s, Germany has not only recognized the need for environmental policy and pushed it forward but also actively promoted alternative measures to cope with various social problems caused by entering into the aging society.
As Korea has recorded world’s lowest birth rate of less than one child as of 2018, it is expected that aging society with low birth rate will proceed rapidly and will be facing the threat of existence of society due to population decrease.
Therefore, it is necessary to react aggressively through the exchange of cases from Germany and other developed European countries.

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